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All of the products listed and displayed on this page I either use here
in my cattery or I recommend for a persian kitten and a persian cat
owner.  You will find everything from guide books to grooming supplies.
I have found the clippers listed below to
be the best for grooming both dogs and
cats.  I give my cats a lion cut twice a
year with these.  I also have friends that
are dog breeders that prefer them as well.
For general grooming I always use a
number 10 blade.  It cuts close to the skin
but leaves a small amount of fur.  This
prevents skin cutting during grooming.
This book is full of knowledge and advice
about how to care for your persian cat.
Persian kittens and cats should have
their nails clipped every 2 weeks.  I have
found that the nail clippers pictured
below do the best job.  They are small
and easy to handle and are able to
accurately judge where to clip the nail.
Persian kittens and cats should have their fur combed
daily.  Greyhound combs are the best for this.  (A brush
is not satisfactory because cats have fur not hair.)  
That means they have an undercoat closer to the skin.  
Only a metal toothed comb can effectively reach this.  
The broad toothed end is great for routine combing.  
The fine toothed end is great for removing knots.
I have found the Air Force blow dryers
to be the best for quickly drying the fur.  
It comes in 2 speeds which is really nice.
On the body the higher speed is great.  
On the face the lower speed is the best.